Production of electrical and pneumatic foot switch and pedal control, single and double, with emergency mushroom shaped holding button.

Command station (pulpit) adjustable in height complete with pedal controls and bimanual push button panel (safe hand) for industrial presses, shears and machine tools.


Electric pedal control

Electric pedal control, total protection. Suitable for safety footwear.

Foot switch, reduced dimensions.

Double pedal control with button panel for up to 4 buttons.


Mini pedal control

Pedal control with emergency button (according to standard EN418).

Adjustable control pulpit

Control station (pulpit)

Pneumatic pedal control

Aluminium bimanual push button panel (safe hand)

Double pedal control.

Standard accessories


Special accessories


Our production comprehends pendant push button panels (remote control with cable), limit switches, rotating collectors, transformers, safety handles (for radial and band saws).


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On request our pedal controls can fit CSA-UL listed switches (both slow and micro).


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